Digitalcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2013, Digitalcoin is a proven method of transferring value with transaction confirmations in less than a minute.

Transact From Anywhere, To Anywhere

All you need is an Internet connection. Don't have any Digitalcoin? Mine or buy some at trusted exchanges.

Open Source

Digitalcoin is completely open source. Under the MIT license, you are given freedom to use it in any way you see fit.

Free to Use

There is no charge for any software or services. There is a small transaction fee that is negligible (less than a cent).

Early Technology

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and you can be a pioneer with Digitalcoin.

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Open Source Trade Engine Development
80% Complete - Estimated Date: Q2 2018

We're working to make Digitalcoin available all over the world by providing free open source software to exchange owners.

The software will allow any type of asset trading with a focus on Cryptocurrency. Digitalcoin integration is guaranteed!

Blockchain API
20% Complete - Estimated Date: Q2 2018

Many cryptocurrency service providers rely heavily on API data. Digitalcoin's blockchain API will provide a reliable source of information to allow for accurate mining estimates.

Masternode Release
20% Complete - Estimated Date: Q3 2018

The community has voted for a Masternode integration with a 10,000 DGC minimum.

We are in the early stages of integration so the estimated date can change to reflect our progress.

At the same time, we are working on multiple implementations of the digitalcoin protocol.

Marketing Campaign
Tentative - Estimated Date: Q3 2018

A marketing campaign to spread awareness of Digitalcoin and utilize it's full brand potential will coencide with the Masternode release.

Blockchain Visualizer
Tentative - Estimated Date: Q3 2018

Providing a visual representation of blockchain transactions, block generation.


-Sha256 and x11 mining algorithms added to Scrypt

-New Website and Forum Live

-Windows, Mac, and Linux wallet software available

-Listed on CoinExchange, Cryptopia, Bleutrade